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I agree to (a) the information I provide on this form being entered into the database of the Eden Epsom Tennis and Squash Club Inc., (b) my name and phone number being accessible by members on the club website with a password, (c) the information I provid]e on this form being passed onto Squash NZ, Squash Auckland, Tennis NZ and Tennis Auckland, and (d) the club emailing Newsletter (a club news and events newsletter) to me.


  1. Juniors and nippers may not book squash or tennis courts at peak times, Mon-Thu, 5.40pm to 7pm.
  2. Ages are as at 31st December.
  3. Monthly direct debit amounts are for a minimum contract period of 12 months.
  4. For the purposes of club subs, a family typically includes up to two parents/caregivers and one or more young adults, juniors or nippers.
  5. The visitor’s fee is reduced to $10 for a junior or a member of another club. Visitors fees are a maximum of $30 per court per session.


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