Getting started and Membership

Please feel free to call the office to arrange a visit and a few free games at club nights … it’s a great way to get started.

We have flexible membership options to suit all players, including special 19-26 years and family-friendly rates … and easy pay-by-month options for everyone

Tennis or squash, full memberships or midweek? Ask about our family discounts and any specials that we may be running to make tennis and squash affordable for the whole family.

You can be 26 and still belong on the family subscription, plus discounts for couples are available. There’s no entrance fee, and if you pay annually in advance… you get one month free!

Apply online or Contact the office to join today.

Membership Type Monthly Annual
Full – adult (27-64 yrs) – all tennis, squash, gym and club facilities $67 $755
Full – older adult (65 yrs and older) – includes everything $41 $465
Full – younger adult (19-26 yrs) – includes everything $35 $395
Tennis only – includes tennis and gym $51 $570
Squash only – includes squash and gym $51 $570
Midweek + Weekend (Mon-Fri, 6:20am-3pm & Weekend Regular hours) – tennis, squash, gym, club champs and mid-week tennis interclub $35 $395
Junior (10-18 yrs) – includes tennis and squash $30 $335
Nippers (9 yrs and under) – includes tennis and squash $21 $220
Flexibility for Families Monthly Annual
Maximum subscription for families with tennis and squash players is $136 $1,550
Maximum subscription for families with tennis players only is $118 $1,345
Maximum subscription for families with squash players only is $118 $1,345
Other Memberships, casual playing fees & key service fee Monthly Annual
Social / associate $115
Playing parent – for parents playing with their own children, tennis or squash, at non-peak times $21 $235
Access Tag $25
Visitors fee – casual tennis or squash (per court) – 3 visits only $30
Building Levy (Annual) Included in the membership subscription $30
Building Levy Family (Annual) Included in the membership subscription $55