Executive Team

Barry Thomas


Barry was elected at the 2020 Eden Epsom Tennis & Squash AGM to the position of President. His family have been involved with the club for 15 years so this nomination gives him an opportunity, on behalf of his family, to give back as much as possible to the club to ensure it continues to provide a family focused experience for everyone who is interested in tennis and squash as a member of our club, and to visitors to our club.

The main role of the Club President is to be the principle leader of the Eden Epsom Tennis and Squash Club and maintain overall responsibility for the club’s administration.  The President sets the overall annual committee agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the committee prioritise its goals and then keeps the committee on track by working within that overall framework. At the operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective committee meetings.

Barry’s business background is in corporate management and marketing. He intends to use his skills and experience from a variety of roles in these disciplines to ensure that the first 135 years of the club’s history is celebrated and the next chapter in the club’s history has a strong framework to move forward.

Barry’s family involvement has mainly been in squash, although he has personally played more tennis in the past. He will continue to enjoy challenging his boys in both tennis and squash, with the ability to apply The President’s rules to each game as appropriate.

Andrew Christie


Andrew was appointed/elected to the position of Treasurer from 1994 and has been focused on the finances at EE.

Andrew with a strong background in accountancy has helped steer and ensure the clubs financial sustainability.

He enjoyed both tennis and squash and is aiming to get back on the tennis court after a brief hiatus to upgrade the body.

Cheryl Henderson

Tennis Club Captain

Cheryl was appointed to the position of tennis captain from experience gained running Midweek Social and has a passion for competitive and social aspects of exercise that benefit the wellbeing of participants and their families/community.

In this role Cheryl is responsible for general oversight of all tennis matters at EE in conjunction with the executive committee and tennis subcommittee members including the administrators of the club

Cheryl comes from a background of teaching and is currently a lecturer. Her background strengths are in sport coaching and playing at both National and International level.

Cheryl joined the club 5 years ago when her son wanted to play tennis. Since then she has contributed as a player, manager, fundraiser and parent.

Her aim to see enjoyment, relationships, fair play and accessibility for all members who want to participate at their chosen level, whether it be competitive or social in a safe and welcoming environment.

Pommelien Vandenbroecke (Pomme)

Squash Club Captain

Pomme was appointed as Squash club captain in February 2021.

In this role I am responsible to represent Squash in the executive committee. I will try to be the supportive link between the committee and the squash members. I am open for feedback and suggestions to make this club a place where everyone feels welcome and feel supported in reaching their highest potential on the squash court.

I come from Belgium. On 8 January 2017 I arrived in New Zealand for a 1-year photography course. During my studies I met my wife and decided to stay in New Zealand to start a new life.

For a living I work fulltime as the photographer of Walker and Hall as well as being a freelance photographer and starting my own business Picaboo Books, based on personalised kids’ books.

I have been playing squash since I was 6 years. First combining with gymnastics, then solely squash. In Belgium I reached A grade during my high school career. Always played competition and loved the mental and physical aspect of the game, as well as the social component before and after the game.

In Eden Epsom I play in the Women’s Interclub team as well as playing competition.

Judy Cattley

General Committee Member

Judy put her name forward to the committee and was elected to the committee having been a member of EE for more than 20 years and the Club has given me so much in terms of tennis and friendships, that I wanted to give back to the club. 

Judy has a real passion for the restoration of the old pavilion and is spearheading a project to achieve this.

Judy comes from a background of accounting, andI hopes to bring her skills of finance and management to the committee and give her input to the general discussion as well as run  the pavilion project

She enjoys tennis, plays mid-week interclub and can often be seen in the weekend, or early morning, practicing with her team.