COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

[Last updated 04/04/2022]

If you require any information on Covid19, Click Here

Please abide by the protocols and control measures implemented by the club with a view always to minimise the risk of the spread of Covid -19.

  • Online court bookings to be┬ámade in advance.
  • You are not feeling unwell
  • You are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19
  • You have not knowingly been exposed to anyone who has Covid-19
  • So far as you are aware, no-one in your bubble has been exposed to Covid-19
  • You will immediately notify the Club if you feel unwell within 14 days of visiting the Club so that the appropriate steps can be taken
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • You consent to the Club providing your contact details to the Ministry of Health, the National Close Contact Service (NCCS) or any other official agency (such as Healthline or a local district health board) upon request for the purpose of Contact Tracing. The Ministry of Health, or other agency, may contact you further in their Contact Tracing process.

For more information on Covid19, please see